Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Mad HTML skillz

The basic html tutorial is by Ross Shannon. He explains why standards compliance & designing for accessability are good & why frames are bad. That knowing what is going on behind the wysiwyg design process makes you a far superior designer. Check him out.

The best text editor out there is editpad. It uses a tabbed interface, opening multiple docs at once. It has several global commands, such as search & replace. Which allows you to replace a text string in all open docs with just a few clicks. Makes changing or updating all the pages on a site simultaneouly a breeze. The pro version adds autoformated display for various programming languages & color coding of tags.

Why FrontPage is BAD

Nvu is an open source wysiwyg html editor, with normal, source, tags & preview tabs. Also includes built in CSS editor & FTP.

A nice well thought-out basic CSS tutorial

A very nice CSS tutorial.

Another nice CSS tutorial.

A little more advanced CSS

A little more advanced html tutorial.

The best thing you can do to move from being a beginner to an advanced user (besides authoring in plain text), is to learn about .htaccess.

index dot html - the advanced html reference

Experts exchange web development forum. The "solutions" are there, just scroll down past the "Sign up to see solution" & the ads...

Python baby steps - very basic python tutorial

Useless Python - a bit more advanced

100 python tutorials

Have fun!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, you'll need someplace to put that gnarly page you've created.

Host4students - offers 300MB disk space & 8 GB/mo transfer for $7.20 per quarter ($24 yearly).

GoDaddy - Domain registration $8.95 per year.


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