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Maybe I'm easily amused, but I think this is a greatly under-appreciated art form



Fuckin' cool!

Ron A, is that you?(fixed)


Dave Chapelle

Fire, cool!

The Police

Self defense umbrella

Touch the rainbow!

Skittles leak!

Date me!(no not me, him)

Once you go buck, you never go back...

Oh god the humanity!

Idjut demographics

Sesame street

Both you and Cheney!

Linkin Park bargain bin

Draw with html! I bow before the geek overlord!

Go to this page & view source you heathen unbeliever!

Bringing news of freedom

Crazy, now with Therimin goodness

Scuze? Do you have the time?

Christopher Walken comedy, scheduled to be released 08/31/07

The meth song!

Tickle me emo!

Tonight, on this small planet...

Won't the flashbacks ever stop?

Doin' it with style

Women in art

Women in film

Ostrich Song

And hello to you, too

100 great movies, how many can you name?

Best translator evar!

World's shortest runway

Photoshop for the win!


The Encyclopedia of Life

Oh, I see now

Tards with guns

Did he say Heavy Equipment porn?
Found some:

Still think I'm fat?

Oh yeah

Movie previews:

West Side Story

The Titanic

The Shining

Computers that invent

2:14 a.m. E.S.T., August 29th?

Invisible Children

Hot Ice?

From another Fark discussion thread:
I am a Republican. They tell me I:
* Am against Abortion.
* Am for the war.
* Hate poor people.
* Am skeptical about global warming.
* Don't value minorities.
* Don't care.
* I'm rich or I'm stupid.
* Against gun-control.

I am a Democrat. I'm supposed to:
* Support welfare.
* Be against the war.
* Hate rich people.
* Be active to protect the environment.
* Value all minorities.
* Feel your pain.
* Be smart. Even if I'm a hippy, or a yuppy, or poor or rich. I'm enlightened.
* Be pro-choice.
* Be for civil liberties.
* Be against Bushies, Rummies, Condi, Gonzalez (One of THEM)

We don't live in a democracy. We live in a representative republic. So you don't vote on
individual issues. You vote once every 4 years for this, every 6 years for that, every 2
years for that. And all of your little mini-votes are wrapped up in these little packages
called Republican or Democrat.

And somehow we're almost divided at 50/50.

What an interesting little "democracy".

How about choice three:

I am a sane, rational person. I tell myself I am:

* Support personal freedom when it does not infringe upon the good will of others. (That
means abortions, guns and tiny American flags for all!)
* Believe the government should be closely monitored for abuses of power. (Domestic wire
taps should be closely watchdogged.)
* Respect rich, poor, minority alike, but expect everybody to pull their fair share.
* Support science and rationality over myth, faith and hype
* Support military action provided there is are valid reasons for violence, sound goals
that can be achieved (and don't change every few months) and an overwhelming expectation
of success.
* Expect my government to rule rationally with solid planning and anticipation of
reasonable contingencies.
* Expect my government to not waste my money on dumb stuff.
* Expect my government to help those truly in need with reasonable support and assistance.
* Support the sciences, medicine and technology, as they better all of humanity
* Support educating people with solid educational program that rewards results and
academic achievement - not some meaningless political feel-good nonsense.
* Believe police should be free to do their jobs, but not abuse their jobs or people's
privacy, rights or expectation of normalcy.

You see, sane people don't prescribe to "lib" or "neocon". We prefer sanity.
Unfortunately, the people currently in power (on both sides) are neither sane nor
logical. They prefer jerking people around emotionally. Like telling people they are a
traitor if they question the president.


Oh, now that explains alot...

WOW meets the Simpsons


Mexican Cuisine?

Holy crap Batman!

Mind Bending (very long, but very interesting article)

Largest island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island

How many Shaquille O'Neals in the Great Wall of China?

Why I don't paint people

It all becomes clear now!

They walk right by, like they're safe or sumthin...

Nice little addon for FireFox

I can do that!


Tacomans? On Ice!

How fertile is your imagination?

Survival tips


From a Fark discussion thread:
> Sorry to burst your bubble kid, but no 'Iranian forces' are going to 'storm'
> anything. Even in your fantasy scenario, they'd be swept aside and crushed
> within 48 hours, if that long.

...And we'd be greeted with flowers and candy in the streets as heroes, just like in
Iraq. Right - same crap, different day. There is no operational way for the United States
to win a war on foreign soil anymore, because we are too hamstrung by limitations placed
upon our operations by the universality of media, the oversight of "the international
community," and our own unwillingness to fully perform acts of warfare. The military is
made to kill things and break stuff, not perform politically-expedient sociological
surgery. We cannot win in Iraq, and if Iran attacks we cannot beat them in the Middle
East unless we give up the moral high-ground and determine that it is necessary to raze
cities, slaughter civilians, and otherwise do what warring armies have done for millenia
before we adopted this useless pretense of "limited war." There has never been a limited
war, and the side obeying that delusion has always come out beaten and slinking away with
its tail between its legs. Unfortunately, given that this is seen as such a pointless war
(because it essentially is one), we don't have the moral capital to spend to win it by
going balls-out and actually fighting like we intend to win.

> The fact is that we are ALREADY in a war with Iran and they're already giving
> it all they've got. There's nothing they can do to make it worse for us that
> they aren't already doing, but we could make things 'rather unpleasant' for
> them in an instant.

Iran is hardly "giving it all they've got." You'll know when they're doing that by the
piles of dead Sunni bodies, the burning of cities, and the reduction of the remainder of
sectarian Iraq to an ashen waste. They don't have to physically beat us to win - they
merely have to exhaust our capacity to remain. We're already building an unprecedentedly
massive deficit with this war effort, sinking our currency's balance with those of other
nations as our economic ability to fulfill those debts grows ever more unlikely. The
public by a two-thirds margin wants us to leave already, regardless of the fact that it
will result in a prolonged and brutal theocratic genocide in the area which we are
essentially directly responsible for kicking off; they are tired of friends and family
being half a world away, fighting a battle with objectives we can't define and thus
cannot ever achieve no matter how many Americans die for them. Imagine the public's
response if (or when) Iran enters the battle; it is MacArthur's charge into China and the
fundamental loss of the Korean War once more, because the American public's morale will
be shattered when a new, fresh enemy presents itself before a tired and over-extended
military unprepared to simultaneously serve in both war-fighting and peace-keeping
capacities. The thought will be the same now as it was back then: "we never meant to
fight a war with these people - this is not an enemy we should be engaging."

> Your muslim heroes aren't going to win, junior. I'm so terribly sorry to have
> to be the one to tell you this...

Oh, you're entirely wrong if you think I consider the Muslims "heroes." I'm pissed,
because we aren't going to be allowed to win this war. The way you win a war is you go
in, you kill the leaders, you brutally crush all resistance as mercilessly as possible,
you remove the ability for the remaining populace to fight a war by removing their
ability to receive resupply, aid, or protection from anyone other than yourself, and then
you declare yourself the ruler of the area. You can then do what we did everywhere we
actually won wars, and reshape the political and social climate of the region before
handing significant control back to the local populace. But you can't win pretty wars.
People have to die, including civilians, so that they can understand that their existence
depends solely upon your decision to permit it. The locals must be conquered, their ways
changed, and their children exposed to the might and beneficence of their conquerors.
Only then will they respect your demands, which is the only way they will become more
than petty sectarian tribesmen squabbling in the desert over ancient outmoded traditions.

But we aren't allowed to fight that sort of war anymore. It isn't pretty, it costs lives
and time and there are no happy endings to please the diplomats of the international
community. So we're going to lose, and there will be a genocide followed by a dictator -
just like every third world political cycle ruled by ancient tribal hatreds and the
ambition of a few ruthless men.

If we wanted a real war, we'd draft soldiers and sear the desert clean before coming in
to place the stars and stripes on the crater that was Baghdad. We'd take millions of
lives, place American generals in charge of our new holding, and rebuild the country from
the ground up without allowing petty politicians from the area who helped create the mess
in the first place to screw it up further. Then, after thirty years or so when the main
generation always remembers how good it is to have America there, we'd hand it partially
over with the understood oversight of their older sibling half a world away. And they'd
thank us for conquering them.

But the United Nations would throw a shiatfit, and no one wants their baby drafted, and
so we'll be backing out with our "green zone" burning behind us. Whether it takes two
months or ten years, we'll be constantly throwing American blood into a half-assed
faux-occupation that will immediately collapse the second we leave. It is inevitable, and
so the only recourse is to end it sooner rather than later. We lack the ability to fight
a real war, and so we will lose. Only question is how many good men will die before we
realize that.


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