Saturday, January 28, 2006

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Whoa, optical illusions painted in the hallways.I like the one that looks like blue caution tape. The one with the concentric circles drawn with small thin lines makes my head hurt...
Wait! There's more!
18 tricks to teach your body
Top 10 WackiestConspiracy Theories
Quantum Dots?
Alternator Secrets I paid $10 for this from Lindsey Publications!
Animations of different types of engines. It IS true! airplane engines DO rotate with the prop, while the crank stays stationary!
Animated Knots! I always wanted to be boyscout & get merit badges for knots & fire starting!
Glossary of security terms.
The Devils' Dictionary Has nothing to do with satanism, just some really witty, snide & sarcastic definitions.
The Falkirk Wheel Boatlift. Yes, it really exists. Yes, it's awesome!


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