Friday, June 24, 2005

I am truly ashamed of them.

The US Supreme Court has wiped their ass with the US Constitution!

The decision to allow the siezure of private property for the benefit of third parties is outrageous!

The implications of this decision are staggering!

The scum-bag politicians haven't even waited for the corpse of the Constitution to cool before raping the citizens!

Good ol' Boys just looking out for each others' wealth.

Please contact your local, state & federal representatives today. Even if your area is one of the few that has local bans on this, the rest of this great nation deserves the full protection of the entire Constitution & ALL its' ammendments!

I pledge Allegiance to the flag
of the Corporations of America
and to the Wealth for which it stands,
one Company under Greed, Profitable,
with Pork and Justice for the Rich.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

A rubber biscuit

The physics of amusement park rides.

DEA Bulletin "Microgram" Drug seizures & tips on computer forensics.

Panasonic CQ-TX5500D Vacuum Tube Car Stereo

Infalable truss beams

Pick Gun made from a mouse & a hard drive, really!

Combo lock hacking faq

Open source optical datalink project

Home made replacement fingerprints

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Mad HTML skillz

The basic html tutorial is by Ross Shannon. He explains why standards compliance & designing for accessability are good & why frames are bad. That knowing what is going on behind the wysiwyg design process makes you a far superior designer. Check him out.

The best text editor out there is editpad. It uses a tabbed interface, opening multiple docs at once. It has several global commands, such as search & replace. Which allows you to replace a text string in all open docs with just a few clicks. Makes changing or updating all the pages on a site simultaneouly a breeze. The pro version adds autoformated display for various programming languages & color coding of tags.

Why FrontPage is BAD

Nvu is an open source wysiwyg html editor, with normal, source, tags & preview tabs. Also includes built in CSS editor & FTP.

A nice well thought-out basic CSS tutorial

A very nice CSS tutorial.

Another nice CSS tutorial.

A little more advanced CSS

A little more advanced html tutorial.

The best thing you can do to move from being a beginner to an advanced user (besides authoring in plain text), is to learn about .htaccess.

index dot html - the advanced html reference

Experts exchange web development forum. The "solutions" are there, just scroll down past the "Sign up to see solution" & the ads...

Python baby steps - very basic python tutorial

Useless Python - a bit more advanced

100 python tutorials

Have fun!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, you'll need someplace to put that gnarly page you've created.

Host4students - offers 300MB disk space & 8 GB/mo transfer for $7.20 per quarter ($24 yearly).

GoDaddy - Domain registration $8.95 per year.

CC rider...

MasterCard looses 40 Million
Experian moves, abandoning records
CitiBank looses 3.9 Million
Bank Of America looses 1.2 Million

Oops, I forgot to list my inspiration...


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Toto, we're not in Kansas, anymore...

Build your own telescope

Remote controll a BIG telescope

EDSAC simulator

Knoppix X MAME a bootable iso linux with mame console emulator

Shelf life of various edible & non-edible products

A rotary dial desk phone cell phone.
"I can only imagine the fun of walking into meetings with a ten pound metal-and-bells rotary and clanging in onto the table."

Electronics Shematics for hobbyists

Projects for experimenters in PDF format

Anamorphic pavement drawings byJulian Beever

This is BEAUTIFUL! Redesign the dollar bill with the US Constitution on the back! NOW!

A nice little tutorial on engraving

A funny little tutorial on safe cracking

Homemade baby wipes

HAHA automatically reject creeps who hit on you

If aliens from space carried phones, this would be the one

Tin-foil lined booster bags?

USB toolkit from hell

Button sized propane fuel cell

The US military is using the Rhino Armored bus

How to convert T-shirts to panties

Psycho EtherKiller

Google hack for displaying really big maps

Woah, color representation of the file on a rom cart for a console game, strange stuff...

Did you know they actually launched a solar sail powered spacecraft? Me neither...

Saturday, June 18, 2005

George was right, just a few decades off



The above shock wave animations both make a similiar political statement. If you're prone to "tinfoil hattism™," you probably shouldn't watch them, it might really freak you out. But then, you shouldn't be on the net anyway, 'cause they DO know where you've been, you know...

Friday, June 17, 2005

another update

Dangerous Labs - cool stuff!

InventionDB - has some potential

KitchenMyths - fooled you!

Linux DVD ripping tutorial

Wings - home-made camp stove archive

Tin can foundry page from the trash rockets site

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Engineers are notoriously frugal.

This is not because of cheapness or mean spirit; it is simply becase every spending situation is simply a problem in optimization, that is, "How can I escape this situation while retaining the greatest amount of cash?" - Scott Adams

2good2toss - exchange for building materials & large household items, broken down by county (Wa. only)

Cheapstingybastard - sales, coupons, rebates & freebies

Anythingforfree - freebies 101 forum

HotDealsClub - Very good sales, coupons, rebates & freebies, mostly tech

DealTaker - sales, coupons, rebates & freebies forum

dosgames - free games

freebielist - huge, just huge

LastMinuteAuction - Ebay - what's under a buck, with less than an hour to go?

TheUsefulSite - mostly free & public domain utilities

TheFreeCountry - free programmers', webmasters' and security resources

FreeWareGames - more free games

OnlineBooks - free books

TinyApps - small, freeware applications & utilities

Snapfiles - freeware section

Pricewatch - how cheap can you get that tech stuff?

craigslist - community based want ads

FreeCycle - stuff for free (I got a Hot Tub!!!)

YourHTMLsource - learn to write html the correct way, for free! Thanks, Ross Shannon.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

mouse broke, just finishing post

The home brew spot welder

Museum of technologocical oddities

Articles from from renew magazine (pdf files)

WTF? WalMart refusing to print photos that 'look' too professional!

AC for under $30

Commodore64 emulation & roms

Monday, June 06, 2005


Really strange military history stuff

OkieDokie, a cellphone "headset" that is the handset from an old style deskphone. Yeah, you probably think this is kinda weird, but I have a really large head (gotta put that ego somewhere), and I feel weird using these little bitty phones, like I should listen, move phone down to talk, back up to listen, etc... So, I'd probably like it.

Cool! Wooden laptop & iPod cases...

Sunday, June 05, 2005

A litlle bit greener, now

The discussion forums for otherpower, home brew power generation.

Tech trends With an enviro slant

Mindfully enviro newa / views

Free (no electricity) Air-conditioning project

Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy

Adobe & cinva ram resources

Interesting apropriate technology machines

Some articles & lotsa links on sustainable living

A major resource for sustainable living links

I love this page, it really shows the beautiful capabilities of cinva ram style block construction.

Need tanks for that rainwater storage project: try dirt, no really!

The Boiler Room, home steam forum

Warwick university, Development Technology Unit

Jalopnik, alternative energy transportation

Picoturbine, a small vertical axis wind generator project

The Crosley Icy Ball, a fire-powered freezer

Electricity free refrigeration, yes I bought the plans

Rural living and practice

Sunshine to dollars Bought this one too.

A complete archive of The Mother Earth News

Some electric vehicle pages

Gurneys seeds Get a free catalog!

Intentional communities

Mother's waste oil heater

The other oil burner

Off grid knowhow

Small farm resources

The soil and health library

Solar concentrator mailing list archives

Solar dish concentrator in Gig Harbor